Saturday, June 24, 2006

Graduation II

I'd just like to congratulate everyone in my class on graduating this year.

Matt D
Matt MG
Matt T

I wish you all the best on your endeavours, and if some of you don't have a job yet, don't sweat it. Just keep applying. Look on the bright side. You could have evil, glowing red eyes like me.

Also for those not in the know, I got a job and will be starting on Monday. Thanks for your prayers.

Can't wait.


  • yay blog postings!
    its about time... :D
    congrats on graduating again. >.>.. I guess I should have named everyone aswell eh.. meh.. oh well.. nice pic btw.. your going to have to send me some.. I dont have any"!

    By Blogger ~Shanel, at Saturday, 24 June, 2006  

  • Congrats to all you poor suckers who are steppin into the industry.... turn back now while you still have a chance to escape!!!! hahaha.... just kidding! You'll be pros in no time.... If there's room for an idiot like me in here, you guys will all be fine..... except for you Barnes... you're screwed buddy.... Screwed! hahahahaha!

    Just kidding! Hope the job treats ya right pal! Cheers!


    By Blogger CarolineJarvis, at Tuesday, 27 June, 2006  

  • Congradulation and good luck in the real world.

    I can't wait to finish school and get to college.

    By Blogger Blanco, at Tuesday, 27 June, 2006  

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