Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Congrats and meaningless banter

I'd just like to congratulate Shanel on her new job this past Monday at Copernicus. Keep workin hard ...

On another note, apparently the Spiderman 3 trailer is out, drool. I haven't seen it yet unfortunately because I don't have sound on my computer at work. But the article I skimmed on ign about it makes it look awesome.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the trailer after seeing it?

Unfortunately I won't be able to post more drawings until I get set up in an apartment here in Fred town but when I doooooooo ... its update city, or something. Ahem!


  • The trailer is really cool, it made me pee myself :o

    Peter Parker looks kind of emo now in his black suit but that's okay, because the film is going to be awesome.

    And then there was sandman, which also looking cool.

    By Blogger Blanco, at Wednesday, 28 June, 2006  

  • thanks jer!,

    About Spiderman,
    The people at work keep talking about it for the last 2 days.. They also went to see an opening of Superman.. aparently the theatre was empty.. most likely cuz advertisment says its only in on the 30th... but they really enjoyed it. and plan on going again.. aparently its playing the the I max :O

    toot toot!

    By Blogger ~Shanel, at Wednesday, 28 June, 2006  

  • Hey Jer,

    It's Gill from your java class back in those UNBSJ days..

    Your moving to fredtown eh? I love it here! I have a blog too, feel free to read!

    By Blogger gilleee, at Wednesday, 28 June, 2006  

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