Friday, June 30, 2006

Confessions of an office dullard (Part II)

Day4 CONTINUED . . .
Work was a breeze today. No more eye pain, . . . no more nausea, . . . upset stomach, or diarrhea! I could see so clearly that if I normally wore glasses, I know that I would have disgarded them earlier this morning. Unfortunately my body isn't any more muscular, sigh! Movie stories never happen in real life . . .
or do they . . .

I woke up this morning feeling even better then yesterday, GREAT! My eyes feel like dancing cherries. They arn't normal anymore though, I can feel it.

I rush to the bathroom to look and see if there is any more eye goo around them. There isn't. Just as I thought; but wait! Peering closer in the mirror I see a thin glaze over both my eye balls.

Then suddenly it hit me, my eyes have developed super human powers because of all the ultra-violet, micro-kinetic wave impulses that the monitors at work were sending off to me in abnormally large doses. I can now theoretically see through even the brightest of lights that would permanently blind a normal human being. I'm not sure how I know this all of the sudden but I just seem to understand it naturally.

K, I have to think of a name for myself. Like a super hero name. "THE AMAZING EYE.....!!" No, that won't work. Where's Bruce Campbell when you need him? Sigh . . . or maybe, "The Spectacular Eyeball Boy!!!" . . . It'll have to do.

To all those who are wondering why I bothered to write this, almost completely fictional story, and why I didn't explain more about how work is actually going, .....well, I think it speaks for itself. I'm enjoying work but staring at a computer screen all day can only be so exciting.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

Confessions of an office dullard

Well, this is my 4th day at work . . . the first two days I had a headache. Staring at not one, but two computer screens at the same time can really mess with your eyes.

Day 1
My hands are warm and clammy as I walk into the building to meet Brad, my new employer. I don't know what to work on, but I'll persevere. My eyes are starting to have a slight tingling sensation.

My body is sinking more and more into the contours of my chair every hour that I sit stagnent; huntched over; squinting. The job isn't really that bad. In fact I quite enjoy it. My eyes are feeling really weird though. They're starting to hurt a bit.

....My eyes, oohhhh the pain!! They burn with a furious passion that has me wondering how much longer I can go before they melt in their sockets.!!

I woke up feeling great this morning. I faintly remembered feeling better all the sudden in the middle of the night when the pain was unbearably at its worst. As I Look in the bathroom mirror I notice some yellow semi-transparent substance all around the crevices of my eyes and running down my cheeks. Is it just ordinary eye goo? No . . . . it's something completely different, but what I don't know.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Congrats and meaningless banter

I'd just like to congratulate Shanel on her new job this past Monday at Copernicus. Keep workin hard ...

On another note, apparently the Spiderman 3 trailer is out, drool. I haven't seen it yet unfortunately because I don't have sound on my computer at work. But the article I skimmed on ign about it makes it look awesome.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the trailer after seeing it?

Unfortunately I won't be able to post more drawings until I get set up in an apartment here in Fred town but when I doooooooo ... its update city, or something. Ahem!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Graduation II

I'd just like to congratulate everyone in my class on graduating this year.

Matt D
Matt MG
Matt T

I wish you all the best on your endeavours, and if some of you don't have a job yet, don't sweat it. Just keep applying. Look on the bright side. You could have evil, glowing red eyes like me.

Also for those not in the know, I got a job and will be starting on Monday. Thanks for your prayers.

Can't wait.


Just to let everyone know, I have changed the settings so that anyone; member or non-member; can post freely.

Shanel told me a certain someone had tried to post a lengthy comment but couldn't because they were not a member. Sorry for the inconvenience and things should now be fixed.


Sorry for not updating recently, but I was quite busy with graduation from the Animation & Graphics program that I've been taking for the past 2 years. Let us not forget about that 1 year preperatory program called Art Fundamentals either shall we?!

I'm not sure if I ever would have posted again if it wasn't for yesterday when I walked up on stage to grab my diploma. The cameras were flashing, my teeth sparkled, my lushous hair glistened in the wind, then it hit me! At that moment, as I touched the fake diploma casing, I realized that the world had stopped rotating on its axis. I didn't think much of it at the time, as I was way too busy forgetting to take my fake diploma casing with me down the steps and off stage.

Then the impact of it all hit me harder just as I was strolling back to my seat. Ignoring my parents who were up front trying to take pictures of me, my face began to twist with sheer horror and seering pain. I had forgot to update my blog, NO WONDER THE WORLD HAD STOPPED ROTATING!!!

Ahem, now in all seriousness, if there is anyone out there who just happens to briefly gaze upon this humble little blog, please feel free to come back again and invite your friends too.

P.S. I'll update, I promise.

Friday, June 16, 2006

First post

Hello Everyone,

Shanel has been the final persuasion for me starting my own blog. I'm completely new to this so here it goes.
Here is one of my first gouache paintings that I completed in Background painting class last year. I did a day time and night time version.
Any suggestions for how it could be better?