Sunday, July 09, 2006

What is a Penguin Fire???

To respond to a comment posted earlier by Mr. Lee himself, here is a quick explanation of PenguinFire Media and what my purpose is there.

PenguinFire Media(PFM) is a company that's working on re-releasing a website known as "". This website was around back in 2000 and its function is to allow people to win prizes and coupons by playing games (aka. scratch and win, etc.) . These prizes involve local companies that advertise themselves on the site.

Of course the site has other functions too. There are a lot of daily things such as "Joke of the day", "Weather", "Film Listings", and so on.

I'm a Graphic Designer basically for the time being. But I'll also be designing characters, website layouts , and some animations along with designing graphics.

So far it's pretty fun and hopefully will only get better.

Now that we got that out of the way, I have a question for you Mr. Lee. In your comment you say that you couldn't find out exactly what a PenguinFire was but that, and I quote, " I search it and all i find is strange banner, we've been wondering for some time and have become obsessed...". This "we" and "have become obsessed" business deeply disturbs me. So my question is, ........

are you wearing a symbiote and if so is it Ryan MacNeil? That is all.


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